1230 kardaKardamili is a village by the sea and 35 kilometers away from  Kalamata. It is in the Messinia prefecture of the Mani in the  Peloponnese. Homer cites Kardamili as one of the seven cities  offered by Agamemnon to  as a condition to rejoin the fight during  the trojan war; the village preserves its ancient name. The area is filled with some of the most beautiful beaches in the county: the Kalamitsi, the Ritsa, the Chalikia, the Salios, and the Neo Proastio.  It is worthwhile to wander around the stone paths through the Old Kardamili area, where you can marvel at the ruins of the mediaeval  Castle and the ancient fortifications, the imposing temple of saint  spyridon. You will definitely be mesmerized by the distinctive  regional architectural style of the various castles. For the fun of  hiking, Kardamili is the departure point of many mountain trails,  which may even lead to the peak of Mount taygetos. Do not pass  on the opportunity to visit the diros gorge with a total length of  20km.